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Greetings. I'm David; Stephanie is the one over there saying, 'Oh, website, cool......I don't really care.' Welcome to our little twisted corner of the web. This is our site to do whatever and say whatever we feel like and we approach this site pretty much like we do everyday life: Sorry if you don't like it but frankly, we could really care less. That being said, enjoy your look around and take off your shoes. The carpet is new!!

We visited Walt Disney World in December and I'm working on getting the pictures online. Give me a break, there's over 700 pics and I do have a life. Not the most exciting but a life none-the-less.

Personal - Includes facts, bio,  pictures, my family & pets

Concerts - A list of all the concerts I've been to. Includes some great photos!

Poems - A few poems written by me

Check Your Biorhythm - Check where you're at on your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. 

The Blair Witch Project - A complete site about the movie including history of the Blair Witch, a timeline, my movie review, pictures, links, FAQ, links and more. It's one of the highest rated Blair Witch sites on the net.

Land of the Links - Links to corners of the web you never knew existed. I hope you have a ton of time to waste!

Web Design Center - Have a web site or thinking about building one? Need some help? I've got a few tips and some great links to help you on your way.

Comments - Fill out the form and mail me directly.
Guestbook 1 - A HTML friendly guestbook where you can leave your own linked banner.
Guestbook 2 - Sign the guestbook and change the lives of millions. (Yea, right!)
Guest Links - Check out past guest's additions and leave your own for future guests to check out.

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